Guys! Put all your machines on sell ASAP.!Guys! Put all your machines on sell ASAP.!


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And, it is Open Source AND it will cost $ 350 to build one. Many companies are developing technology to detect who YOU are! Then advertisement will be displayed in front your eyes customized only for YOU! based on market research.
I read a post where a guy was worried about "FastSigns" competition. He shouldn't be worried. The will disappear soon, I say 2011?

I don't like to discourage people, actually I'm trying to save your money.


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You can Start with Google Sketchup, ARToolkit (Plugin for Augmented Reality), a regular printer to print marks, and you're ready to go. So far, you need colored (blue/red) glasses to enjoy Augmented reality Advertisement, but MIT is developing contact lenses!!! I thing that next year, they will offer them and all the Signs, advertisement.. will be virtual. Anyone will be able to fix a nuclear reactor, when you approach to it, flying images will guide you what to touch!.


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No, my friend. Check this out! New AR Campaigns
Cloth is being equipped with AR detection microchips ($0.001/ea) and hundred of stores in Japan, already use AR advertisement instead physical.


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AINT IT WONDERFUL? us who was born at the birth of the ATOMIC AGE, have seen so many wonderful developments of science and the world.
just think, we, was born just as propellers disappeared from airplanes, trains went from fire breathing monsters to electric diesel, now they are doin MAG-LEV.
we witnessed the death of the typewriter, the vacuum tubes, the cathode ray tube, and many other marvels.
to have lived from the 1st television in the 1950's to this technology..........I was here when a 45 record player........IN YOUR CAR WAS COOL!!!!
the reel to reel 4 track stereo to the 8 track tape, cassettes, then the computer and CD'S. i just put a radio in my truck that has a USB PORT and accepts 4-24 gig jump drives!!!!!!!!!!! i remember fishing in sarasota WISHING i could afford a LARANZE(model of $500-2000 GPS for boats)now your car has one and you can buy one for little over $100!!!!! so many things that i stand in awe of.
IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GLAD I WAS BORN WHEN I WAS.


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You're a lot further away than 10 years for this stuff. My father was involved with a program that was designed to get books off of paper and onto a computer you could carry anywhere that would have all your school books on it and it needed to be designed to be at a price point every student could have one. They were studying this at the Pentagon........about 30-35 years ago.

Fast forward 30-35 years and kids are still carrying books and kids in many schools still don't have computers.

I wouldn't hold my breath on this one. Very cool stuff, but we'll be lucky to see it take a grip in 20 years in my opinion.


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All we need to be able to print is the graphic code for the camera to recognize. It's all bits and bytes after that. Your job is safe, relax.

Now when we're all walking around with VR type glasses and they start to cover up the print ads with a digital substitute in our little VR worlds I'll get worried.


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