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Gx-24 New - Question About Cut Direction


New Member
We finally just setup are NEW Roland GX-24 and we're having a problem.

When we go to cut -
[and were setting everything up the same as with our older Camm-1 ]
The plotter wants to cut in the wrong direction . . .

in other words - if set up as : 22.5in wide x 75in long

it wants to cut the length as the width and the width as the length.

Does that make sense - anyone else have this happen with the GX-24 ?

I can post a picture tomorrow if need be . . . !

Thanks for any help !


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In SignLab rotate 90 degrees then output. You can see the preview in the cut menu before you cut or it will say tile preview. Then you know it is roated wrong. I run my plotter information from the software.

Mark L

New Member
I don't have this machine, but in flexi there is a button to rotate the
plot 90 degrees Have you tried this?


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Yes! infact weve been using flexi for some time now
and this I believe is something in the machine setup
not the software ? ? ?

Could be wrong -
thats why I was hoping for someone with a GX-24 and flexi !


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Yes, there is a setting on the gx-24 there should have been a warning letter.. explaining that you need to change the rotation setting on the cutter for different software used, flexi is one of them.. I can't remeber what the steps are, I will have to check when I get back to the shop..


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Set up the gx-24 for flexi

1. Press menu key several times untill the UNSETUP is displayed.
2. Click the Down arrow followed by the > Arrow to display FORCE.
3. Click The Down Arrow button 3 Times until ROTATE is displayed.
4. Click the > arrow button followed by the Down arrow 0deg should be displayed.
5. now change the value to 90deg, press enter restart the cutter.


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Thanks Blaze !

I've been without Electricity for 6-days so I just git your reply-post.

Will try it tomorrow immediately and let you know the result.

I truly appreciate it, we've been racking our brains on this one . . . !


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Man that S@4ks!,

Hey No problem, that info came from Beacon Graphics when I ordered the GX-24. The Note said "ATTENTION FLEXI USERS!"

Let me know, how you make out or if you need any more Help.


New Member
Worse machine Roland ever built. Get use to it doing things that defy explaination.
Don't you just love all the info you must tell this machine before it does something as simple as cutting a single letter. Then watch in horror as it rolls vinyl in and out and the edge detect bounces all over the place as it is screwing up many dollars worth of vinyl.
Do as I did. Put it back in the box before you throw it through the wall. Would not want to mess up the wall.