Hanging sign on vinyl siding? What type of sign should I make?

Mohammed Issa

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Hello Everyone,

First off, I am so happy I found this forum. I just recently started sign-making and I am learning a lot!

I have a customer who is looking for an affordable sign that will be hung on vinyl siding. I uploaded the customer's photo. The sign will be under that large sign, and will be approximately 32" tall and 40" wide.

My question is, what type of material will work well in this situation? Something that is not too pricey for the customer and not back-lit.
It will be a full print. I can laminate on Alupanel, but what is the best method to attach it? Should I use Stainless Steel standoffs, or is there a better solution other than Alupanel?

I am open to suggestions as I may not be aware of all options out there.

Thank you very much in advance!


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