Has anyone used either of these products?


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Hello All -

Looking at an applicator table and both Rolls Roller and CWT offer the VinylRemover VR15 as an optional accessory, has anyone used that or the new TransferWeeder TR17? Do they work? Do they do anything more than what you could make in your shop? It looks like it's just a crank and core with a hold-down bar you run your graphics under...



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It's OK for big text, but even medium sized text it's risky. Your cuts have to be perfect also. It is just a core and a roller.... So nothing fancy.

We usually weed a ft away...drop the rolls roller down on the weeded part... Then that holds it in place and you only need one person to weed even 48" materials, you can go as slow as you want.. Pull with one hand and grab any nicks that get held down due to letters like T.

Imo, it's a waste of money youd likely use once or twice in very situational uses.