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Has anyone used Flexi for Print/Laminate/cut?


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If so what was the easiest way for ya
i know useing the registration marks i have the versacamm and a cx300
didn't know what would be easier on the same machine or print and then laminate and cut on the other machine

help me out guys

i am tired of stacking vinyl


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Which ever machine has an optical sensor would be the easiest.

I have done this numerous times with our Mimaki's, works great.


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Fexi has a download available that outlines print & cut as separate jobs (for when you print, remove to laminate and replace to cut.

It's entitled a document worth reading. We print and cut separately all the time and it has really helped us.

Set up your vinyl in the machine, be sure to leave room on the sides for the cutter realign. (if your cut area is 29", would leave 1-2" on sides and set cut area at 27") or eles if it does not track perfect, especially if it's a long piece the end crop marks will not be able to be read.

Basically you click the rip & print buttom, go to the advanced tab and click on contour buttom, uncheck registration marks if it's selected and choose none.
Change the send mode to "print only", click done.
Click on driver options and select "print crop marks".
Click ok
Click send

advance the vinyl roll at least 6" then sheet cut your work.
Remove, laminate, replace and line up crop marks with cutter.

On advance tab click on contour button, change send mode to contour.
Click done
Test cut in the laminated area that won't affect the print and set cutting force.
Click send, you will be asked to detect crop marks automatically, click yet, then it will ask if it did detect them, also click yes, then the machine will optically read your marks and cut the print. On the sp 300 running an environment match from the main menu on the sp 300 will help the accuracy of the cut and also Roland has a calibration that you can use to fine tune cuts, we have gotten very accurate using these.
Good Luck