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Have I mentioned lately that Graphtec Cutting Master 4 SUCKS?

Pat Whatley

New Member
Seriously, they took all the great parts of ScanvecAmiable's Production Manager and the good parts of Cutting Master 3 and tossed all that out the window. They cobbled CM4 together out of the leftover scraps that didn't work.


New Member
What kind of issues does it have? We're looking at adding a Graphtec to our shop soon.


Quit buggin' me
Our installer/tech said don't even look at CM4.
We've been using CM3 with our FC8600 for 18 months without any issues.
Only issue is that CM3 won't install on the newest versions of Illustrator. I keep a copy of CC17 so that I can use it there.


Active Member
What issues are you.having with it?

At first I hated it. It was a complete redesign. There are some ups to it though.

Cm3 when printing multiple copies stops after each copy I believe... Unless I remember it wrong. Where as in cm4 I can print 500 copies and it sends them as one.

It took a bit to get used to, but I haven't had any issues with cm4.

fine point

New Member
I feel like CM2 was the best of all. But we have been using CM3 for as long as it’s been available.
Downloaded CM4 and used only a few times. Don’t remember what exactly the issue was but we didn’t like it.

Pat Whatley

New Member
CM3 won't work with the latest Illustrator upgrade. CM4 keeps randomly changing the condition settings on the plotter. Set the plotter on Condition 1 manually, sometimes it will stay on 1, sometimes it randomly changes it to 3. Try "enabling driver options" in cutting master, sometimes it will use those settings, sometimes it just randomly does it's own thing. Turn that option off, get the same random crap

Graphtec tech support used to be outstanding, the techs actually sounded like they knew the plotters and the software inside and out and they could talk you through anything. Now, when you finally get someone on the phone, the conversation is more about getting you off the phone than getting you answers.