Have you used these guys?


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they are in germany... their products are also distributed here in the US by various dealers, some probably merchant members.


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i used to subscribe to them but they had a different name. I think they bought out a couple of companies.
Anyways I really like the vehicle templates.

Nowadays I've been using a measuring tape and digital camera.

Fred Weiss

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DigitalDesignWare.com is the result of MRClipart of Germany buying out Digital Auto Library of Canada. Both had extensive template libraries and MRClipart also has a number of clipart collections. Both companies have been on the scene for many years.


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Thanks to all

I am always a little leary about ordering products not in the states. Thanks for your input. Just want to try a template over the tape measure and the camera to see how close they actually are. I think I get lazier as time goes on but they say work smarter not harder.

Again THANKS to all!!



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Hello jjones1. I've been using them for the past 3 years. Have had no problems. The files are close but no were exact. You will need check measurements upon Job Approval. Their prices seem to creep higher and higher every year if you buy individually. I buy the full year on-line downaload package and price has been the same for all 3 years. I was nervous this past year as the time difference between the states and Germany. Ended up leaving my cc info with the closest rep, Canada. No problems though.