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Need Help Having severe printhead clog on my Roland xc-540 - Help!


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Ok so when conducting a test print my dark cyan A bank showed missing nossles in the center of the print. It was causing poor printing so I did some normal cleanings and the clogs seem pretty stubborn. So I did a powerful wash and jut wasted all my ink and still no improvements.Next I tried a head soak overnight with solution it actually made the cyan blue ink totally clogged! So looks like it made it worse. Now that Im in a terrible place with a completely clogged print head Im thinking about doing a manual flush using my manual to navigate into the tubings and flush the line. Has anyone done this before? or have a video to link me to? I do not have the funds to call a service tech.


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Did you try any regular cleanings/test prints after your head soak? Sometimes takes a little work to get all that cleaning solution cleared out, in my experience.


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That must be the problem in terms of trying to get all that solution to clear out. I ended up worse then when I started! Image 1138 is where I started and began soaking the printhead overnight. Image 3648 is where I am today... as I continue cleaning it is not getting better. I think I should try a head flush using a syringe and tubing... have you done that before?


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What is the condition of your cap tops? Roland recommends annual replacement. The pumps can only prime the heads if the caps make a good seal to the nozzle plate.

Physically check for ink in your cartridges. (Pull out and tilt back and forward).

Remove the pump cover... disconnect the captop lines from pump 1 and use a syringe to draw about 5-10cc of ink. (Pull slowly and evenly). If no resistance is felt replace your caps. (Roland P/N 1000004546).

E Coloney

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Looks like a classic cap top problem. Change cap tops and springs. Use the genuine Roland cap tops, not the knock-offs. Yeah, the knock-offs are MUCH cheaper but look at all the trouble they can be.