head-strike, cleaning and now no ink at all!


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i still have the issue, that my medium is wavy the first half meter. so i had last week (natrurally on friday evening!) a headstrike again, what caused in clogging the nozzles.
i tryed to change temarature, other mediums, but i still have buckles the first half meter - not every time, but most of time, if i start a print-job.
if i can manage it, that i dont have buckles the first half meter, than it is no problem, to prtint x meters without that issue...strange!

last time, i got the clogged head to work with the cleaning-funktion, but this time it don't work well, it miss a lot of nozzles, so i called my tech-support for it.

he cleaned the head with a foam-tip and cleaning fluid, looked at the dampers and soaked ink through it with a syringe, because he meant, that the dampers has to less ink in it.
after that procedure, the machine dont get ANY ink out of the nozzles at all!!
even after the cleaning-routine it dont show up any in on nozzle-test!
the hoses dont have much bubbles or wrinkles, everything looks allright...

the tech had no further solution, only, that he will be there on monday again to look for it...it could be, that the ink takes 24 hours to come back because of an vacuum, what can be inside the printhead??

for me it sounds completly rubbish!
so have anybody a good tip to reactivate my 1604?

also my ink going out, because of the estimated 2356 procedures of cleaning... but i can't see, where it remains? there were no ink on the tubes, that coming from pump at the capping station and going to the waste-ink-tank ??
is there only something, like a electrical connection (without to verify the real consumption of ink) to the smart cards, or how can it be, that my cardridges lose 25% of ink without to show up somewere??

THX and sorry for the broken english


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Looks like the ink is not being sucked through the prithead during the cleaning cycle. Check that there is a good seal between the cap and the printhead, also make sure the waste ink tubes are not blocked.