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Headstrikes constant problem on C1S with L 560


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The only material I have constant problems with is a 12pt C1S. I have tried a variety of solutions but nothing consistently prevents the head strikes that this material causes. If anyone has any advice or suggestions on how to run this material through an L560 without head strikes PLEASE feel free to drop some knowledge on me.
I assume that this is an offset coated stock, and there is no pre-built preset available on the Media Locator.

Non inkjet coated paper-based medias can tend to be a more challenging media class for HP Gen3 Latex printers. On the other hand, these papers cannot be run at all on solvent.

The basic problem is that the paper tends to lift in the middle of the sheet when it gets into the curing tunnel, where it touches the top of the curing unit, smearing the ink. This may cause carriage strikes as well.

Assuming that is consistent with what you are seeing, the best option would be to build a custom preset, using a 'low and slow' approach. By this, I mean run with a low ink density, and run slow (higher pass count). I'd start at about 90 percent ink density and 12 pass, using no more than 190 degrees of heat (Fahrenheit). Also, with papers, narrower rolls tend to run more successfully than wider rolls.

We can generally get almost all papers to run, once the sweet spot has been found between heat, ink density, and time. Here is a video on this topic:

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