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Hello All....

Andrew Skic

New Member
Hello to all.
I stumbled on to this site through looking at another and Boy am I glad I did! I find it extremely informative and very user friendly, Especially uploading photos to the members or my personal gallery provided here. While I am not what one would consider a full fledged sign shop, My business has been doing custom painting for over10 years now. We paint all types of vehicles and many different paints are used for various effects. We have acquired an Edge 1, Omega 2.0, Gs15Plus,Photoshop 7, Illustrator10, about a year ago and are having a great time learning all the great products and effects that can be produced. And along the lines of the custom stuff a 25' downdraft spray booth/oven in our approximately 3000sq. ft. facility,in house PPG mixing system and so on allows us to pursue a lot of different options when it comes time to sell or produce a job, sign, or graphic. Along the lines of my work, If there are anyone interested in a certain tecnique, prep question or anything I will be happy to chime in or e-mail you an answer or some advise. Again, This seems like a very good site and it would be a shame to see such a wealth of information and people go to waste. Thanks to any and all who read this, for a warm welcome, and remember to thank our moderators for an Outstanding Job!:cool1:


New Member
Hi Andrew, welcome and I second your thoughts on thanking the moderators. They provide much assistance and knowledge, anyone just starting out in the industry, and the seasoned pro can learn alot from them by being here. Look forward to hearing more in the future about your knowledge in the painting and sign industry.



New Member

Welcome to signs101, we look forward to seeing more pics of your work. Your site is cool, does one of those bikes belong to you? My shop has a spray booth with a fairly new painter so I'd love to pick your brain on paint process.


Andrew Skic

New Member
Thanks to all for the warm welcome.
I will try to help with any and all questions asked that I can. You can e-mail me direct if you don't want to use the forum. Thanks for the comment on the web site Mark. It is a work in progress as I get more time I will update it and post more Pictures here as well. And to answer your question, Yes, Actually two of the bikes on the site are mine.
Thanks again to all and have a great day!:thumb: