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Hello Everyone, from Metro Atlanta!!!!!


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Hello Everyone. This forum sure is a great place to come for some valuable information. I have been visiting other sites related to the sign industry. While there is some great information there too, there is also a whole bunch of crap that you must sift through to get to the truth.

I have been a fire fighter in the Atlanta area for over 17 years. If you know a fire fighter, then you know they usually have a "side" job. I am no different. I was in the dump trucking business(in laws) for many years until I got very tired of the stresses of driving in congestion all day. Through a series of events, I entered into the sign industry along side of my older brother(who does design/apparel printing www.fastrakgraphics.com ). I have found that I really enjoy this business. I have been doing sign work now since 1998. I started out with(and still using) a Graphtec CE1000 plotter, CasMate Pro software. I think I paid around 2300.00 for the system back then. I would love to know how many times over that I have paid for that system. I have recently purchased FlexiSign Pro 7.5v3 and a new computer with all the bells and whistles to efficiently run a program like this.

I am liking the sign industry so much, that I am "considering" branching out of my basement into a commercial location. I would prefer to expand on my own property with a building(I have plenty of room and no covenants) but the county will not allow any "manufacturing" in residential areas. While I think I could build my building and make signs, I am afraid that as soon as I was up and running, I would get in trouble and have to close shop or move.

I would like to head in the direction of a full service sign shop. Including lighted signs, digital printing, 3 dimensional, and more. Ultimately , being able to leave the Fire Department(at the point I am vested in my pension 1.2yrs) and run the sign shop full time.

I really enjoy the people, the satisfaction, and the profit in the sign business. Thanks and Hello to all the people in these sign forums. I wish I had found you folks 6 years ago when I was VERY new. Good night all. Jim

JET signworks, jimtrainor@bellsouth.net 678-300-9467


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Hi Jim. I have alot of respect for people in your profession. Extremely hard work.



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Welcome Neighbor

Welcome from Henry County. I've just expanded my personalized transfer business with a Ioline 60 cutter. I bought it mainly to do transfers, but also some small signs for myself and others. This county is full of sign making businesses, but so far not the personalized transfer business.
I want to open a store front also, but have to get some more customers. Right now I have a separate building behind my house that is my shop, just can't put any signs on the building.
Good luck on your new adventure - and thanks to you and your profession for the hard work you do.