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Hello everyone

Just Me

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I have been on the site a couple weeks now but haven't formally introduced myself. I guess now is as good a time as any. My name is Mark Chaplin and I live in Ringgold, Ga. (formerly from wisconsin). While i am not new to the sign business I am new to this forum, i have been in the sign business since 1988, i started with a brush and a can of paint doing our own race cars and some friends decided i did good enough, they wanted theirs done too. I guess thats how it all got started, i went full time in 1996 and since then have progressed in the business and just recently decided it was time to start in the digital end of it. While i realize the Roland PC-12 isnt one of the better machines out there, it has gotten my feet wet in the digital graphics and probably soon (sooner than i wanna admit) will outgrow it and upgrade, so far the digital print has kinda been kickin' my butt:rolleyes: but i am learning and try to learn something new everyday in regards to the sign industry. I have learned quite a bit just since being on this forum:peace!: . If you wish you can check out my website www.outlawracinggraphics.com and theres a gallery to take a look at some of my work, while i specialize primarily in motorsports graphics, i also do some commercial signage and vehicle lettering. Any comments or feedback is welcome. A big thanks goes out to Fred for this website, what a tool it is turning out to be and there are a bunch of smart sign craftsmen here!:thankyou:

Fred Weiss

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Thanx for the kind words Mark and welcome to Signs 101.

I checked out your site ..... very nice work.