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Hello Everyone!


New Member
Just like to intruduce myself to everyone. I own a signmaking business, and also work as a wide format inkjet printer and plotter technician in north east usa. Looking forward to sharing as much knowledge as I can and to learn even more from everyone out there making it work in the real world.
Kudos to everyone who has made this site such a valuable resource. Hopefully I can lend a hand every now and then!
Have a great day, and may all your drops land where you want them!


New Member
hahahahahah "may all your drops land where you want them" lol I just had to paint a few paint drops the same color as my new shirt. Kinda makes me mad when I drip on brand new clothes. So I paint the drops to match the shirt.....til I get too many and it doesn't matter anymore. Welcome to signs 101 signwinder.