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Hello From BC Canada, and PLEASE HELP!


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hello, Wicked Site!! I have already found LOADS of excellent info and seem to have really good people on here!!! Anyways, I run a Decal, Sign, Banner and Custom Grafix Shop in BC Canada. I specialize in Airbrushed and ScreenPrinted Vinyl Graphics. I mainly do custom high end graphics for snowmobiles, MX, ATV's and other recreational activities that lean towards the aggressive types of graphics and design.. I do also run a local decal, sign and banner shop for the general public as well..
I need some serious help and was wondering if there was anybody out there who could help me with a plotter / windows XP issue. I have aquired a IOLINE CLASSIC 24" plotter and I cant get the thing to work with windows XP.. Is there anybody with some suggestions. THANKS A MILLION!!


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Hi Vance, :Welcome:

Did you get your Ioline new or used?
Do you have the correct drivers for it?

What is it doing or not doing?

Please give us more information to see if any of us can help.


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Ioline Classic 24" with XP????

I got the IOLINE Classic 24" used.. it used to run on a windows 98 system and worked fine.. I don't have a WIN98 system.. I normally work in COREL DRAW and plot on my Roland Camm1, on Windows XP Pro system. The Ioline plots larger, so I desperately would love to have it work as well. I have looked for drivers, but no luck. Any help would be AWESOME. THANKS!!!!


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I think you're missing the right driver, or need to configure the plotter with either Corel Draw, or the Ioline Control Center software.

Did you try to install the driver you had for Win98?
XP will not have the correct driver for your plotter built in, so you'll need to install one.

Here is a little information on your driver.

Are you using the Ioline Control Center Software, and is it configured for your plotter?

Here is a link for the Control Center

Here is a link to a your user manual.

Here is the service manual with a lot of good information.

If none of that helps, you could set up your plotter as a generic printer. Let me know if you need directions for that. I almost had to do that with my D60.


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Hi Stix Graphix. Decal has given you a good start to your problem. If all else fails, try Ioline tech support, they have always been great to me in the past answering questions. The control center seems to be a big part of ioline systems, especially the older ones. Controls alot of features you'll use on your cutter. The ioline site used to have drivers like Decal Designs said, but I haven't been there in a while. Good luck.



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Hey, hows it going? Welcome to signs 101. Where in B.C. do you operate? I run a home based sign shop in Surrey B.C. :Canada 2: :Welcome: