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hello from england

grahame belton

New Member
just popped in to say hi to all your members fred. i would like to congratulate you on your excellent website. the design particularly like and also the gallery feature. i am joint owner with kimon of signforums.com. i see there are some other of our members here. which is good. because this builds bridges in every way. :brittain:


New Member
Hi grahame, your board seems to be going real well. I've stopped in a few times, and even learned from your tutorial on Corel, tracing objects quite a while back. Thanks for the info.



New Member
Hello Grahame

Grahame your site is very cool too, glad to see more than one available, gives me more to do when the wife is shopping. The differences in each site make it interesting and fun. I think the British smile was added just for you.



grahame belton

New Member
thank you mark and thank you all for this very warm welcome. must admit i've never been welcomed like this before on any other forum.:cool1: :brittain:


Certified Enneadecagon Designer
Welcome grahame, great that we can all share, whatever site we all go too!