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Hello from New Mexico !!


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Hey just found the site last night and need some newbie help.I have been a auto painter for the last 17 years and just bought a used roland SX-12 to do small lettering stencils and small graphics stencils for hobby projects. I have a total newbie question where is the best place to post it:help: Thanks Rhino.

Fred Weiss

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Welcome to Signs 101.

If you click on the Forums link you will be at the head of the categories list. Pick whichever category you think most suits your question. There are a few brief descriptions offered as an aid. If you happen to get it somewhere other than the best choice .... it's no big deal. I may end up moving it at some point for archiving purposes.


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To quote Homer Simpson: There's a "New" Mexico?"

Welcome! I'd love to visit NM, the closest I've been is Moab Utah and Durango/Telluride Colorado.


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Ahhhhhhh, New mexico . . . . bet it's a LOT warmer than Presque Isle, Maine right now. 3" of fresh fallen snow and three degrees outside. (9:02 p.m. EST 12/20/2004)


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hello from Upper Michigan, I think NM gets cold in the mountains,
but not as cold as it's here (minus 14) this morning, and much snow