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Hello from West Texas


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Well I have been looking around for about a month now and finally decided to post. This really seems like a great place to learn. I stumbled into this by complete accident. My part-time business is selling products at fairs and community events in the area(I'm from a small town in west texas), everything from t-shirts and caps to toys & misc. souvenirs. Walking though the parking lot of one of the fairs I noticed that 50% of the cars/trucks had window decals on them. You know like the little boy peeing on ford or chevy ect.. So I did some research and found out about vinyl cutting. So off i went and bought a cheap cutter and started selling window decals. I then realized that there was so much more banners, signs,auto graphics ect.. So here I am. I do have a couple of quick questions for everyone.
  1. What type of advertising does everyone use?(TV,radio,print or word of mouth)
  2. Does anyone do outside sales?(going business to business offering services)
Any opionions will be greatly appreciated.

Fred Weiss

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Welcome to Signs 101.

Word of mouth and signing your work is the best way to acquire new customers worth having. Networking is also effective as can be door to door canvassing if you can avoid looking like you're desperately in need of work.

I personally have found returns on Yellow Pages, print ads, brochures and broadcast to be to pricey.

The rule I have followed for years is to be, or appear to be, busy and to encourage to customer to seek me out. The more you do to solicit customers the more what you do will be about price and the more devalued what you offer will be in the eyes of your prospects.

Do good work, better than the customer expects, be patient, and work will seek you out.


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Hello from Michigan. I rely on wholesale to the guy who just bought the printing part of my business, word of mouth, and direct mail to other local businesses. I work out of my home so I don't use yellow pages. I prefer to go to my customers if needed, otherwise email.

Bobby H

Arial Sucks.
If you run an operation out of your house, car or at swap meets something like a phone book ad will be too pricey. Word of mouth and personal promotion tools (cards, flyers, etc.) work best.

Now, if you run a "brick and mortar" sign company -especially a full service shop with crane trucks, manufacturing equipment, etc., then your phone book ad is going to be pretty important.

Steve C.

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Word of mouth is the best advertising you can get, but it only works if you have established somewhat of a reputation with a few customers first. I belive in Sign Advertising. My truck and store front signs bring in about 50% of my business. If you are working form home, at least have a nice truck sign. Don't use magnetics. I think most people assume that magnetic signs indicates that you are a part-timer or not that serious about your business.

Bobby H

Arial Sucks.
That's a good point about the magnetic signs. At the very least a magnetic sign may give off the negative connotation that you're using a personal vehicle for your business. That's ultimately what gives off that part-timer tinge.