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Hello New Guy Here

Tim N

New Member
My name is Tim. I'm from Western NY. I am not brand new brand new to the sign making buisness, but I am new to the vinyl buisness. I purchased a Vinyl Master XY-540p cutter from DC sign. It came with Flexi starter software. I ordered a couple of graphics and clip art cd's, some books, and a couple hundred dollars in Oracle vinyl and tools so far. There seems to be a huge demand in this area for someone that is reliable for stock car graphics. There are 6 circle tracks within 10 to 100 miles of me several drag strips and a ton of race car builders and speed shops. I have a pretty big learning curve ahead of me, I'll admit. But I believe I have the ability to make this a profitable and fun venture. Worst case senario I have an expensive computer, and I needed an new one anyhow. I have really enjoyed and learned alot from this site in a matter of just a couple of days. Any feedback or advice for a beginner is welcome.
Thanks Tim


New Member
1st thing you need to learn "I DO NOT SPONSOR ANY STOCK CAR"!!!!!!! or else you will be doing all the stock cars for FREE, just so you can put you name on the car. also you sponsor 1 and if hes not liked by the others at his track...guess what....they wont like you either!!! print this and hang it up...you will need it!!!

Jen Goodwin

New Member
I agree with OP. Every stock car I ever lettered, I was offered this....we also cut plex/lex windshields for them and they all try to get it for free by putting our logo on the car..."NO THANKS! We don't sponsor racecars...we deal with so many that it wouldn't be worth it for us."
They usually tell us we can put our logo on the car anyway, but we never have and don't intend to.

dennis j

New Member
Hi Tim I also agree with OP we have a lot of stock car racers in our area they always want some thing for nothing.


New Member
Ditto, Ditto, Ditto.

http://www.sandyjonesracingflags.com our family knows exactly how "thrifty" these guys can be. And it's not just the little guy either, these products are on TV every Sunday when the big boys race!

If you e-mail the webmaster on thet site, you'll get me :Big Laugh

Charge your regular rates, don't treat any driver better than the other, never sponsor a car, don't let your shop become the local hangout in the off-season . . . all good advice.

If you want to reach these guys, you can always advertise in the track program or attend one of the many trade shows for racing.