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My name is Vicki, I'm from a SMALL town in southeastern Colorado, I taught computer science and AutoCAD at the high school level for many years and finally decided to do something with my skills a couple of years ago and started my sign shop. I do only vinyl as my skills lie mainly in the computer arena instead of the paint arena.

I'm so glad to find this site, I never knew about it until I came across it last night.

I'm sure I'll be asking for your assistance a LOT since I looked over the site last night, the layout and logo sections are very impressive, I'm trying to improve my design skills but after looking around here, I don't think I'll ever be as good as you guys are!!


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Thanks for stopping by. Don't be afraid to offer up some of your designs and layouts for critique - most of us aren't too hard on the new folks :wink:

I, too, have a strong background in computers and I have been using AutoCAD since r10. Now I use Unigraphics daily for my day-JOB


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Hi Vicki, nice to see you at signs 101. A great place to learn. I joined as a member a year ago when the site was just starting up, and have learned more here about the business than anywhere. Lot of nice people who will help you out. Don't be afraid to show your work, you'll learn alot from the critiques and guidance given by members. Look forward to seeing you around.



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Hi Chris,

I posted a request, I think I probably put it in the wrong place now looking back at the forums, oops!

Besides using your design skills for the sign industry have you used your AutoCAD for anything else? I would like to find something that I could do (from here) utilizing these skills that are just being wasted right now!


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Thanks for the welcome everyone, so far from what I've seen, it looks like I just found a gold mine!!

You can bet I will take advantage of everything offered here.

I'm very glad to be here :biggrin: