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rossi graphics

New Member
:thumb: hello ,to all iam new member ,
iam 35 yrs old ,in vinyl graphic sign biz about 1 yr 3 mo. i gess you can call me
a newbie ,ihave 2 cutters lynx 60 ,and ultra both from sign warehouse,use
corel draw 9 and sign tools 3 ,also have signlab e6,just bought 6color 6 station vastex screen printing setup ,so now learing that .i live in hazleton ,pa. it is located 45 min poconos ,or 45 min from allentown, pa.


New Member
Hi Rossi Graphics. Noticing you have two cutters, alot of people talk about tracking, especially with certain cutters. I'm curious to hear your opinion as to which of your two cutters track better and their performance?


rossi graphics

New Member

both track pretty well some times make 15 foot run on both machines with no problems , as long as you set it up right. i use media bushings and the media ends with no problems

thanks for the welcome to all