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Hi Everybody, my name is Henry Arana....I live in South Alabama, in a small city called Daleville (near Dothan). I've recently started a small operation here doing vinyl lettering, signs, and banners. Already I've had to sub-out digitally printed work for banners and decals for special events. I've been visiting this forum for about two weeks now and really like it.

Have a good day :Cool 2:


Lonely Fisherman

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Welcome aboard Henry! Lot's of us have profited from the advise and tips that are shared on this board. It's a great asset and just like you, I'm still learning.

Have fun and enjoy the forum. Best of luck to you on your new shop and business.

Best wishes,



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I do some sub work for a company in Dothan. I think it's I D Associates.

Anyway, WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:Cool 2: