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Help a Newb out, Roland Lej-640FT

Raymond powell

New Member
looking for some direction, My company purchased an Lej-640ft used. We got it delivered and re assembled. I got it powered up, inks installed, Versa-works installed, and the machine connected and shows ready to print in versa-works. I can not get it to do a test print, or print anything from versa-works.

I have a sheet of white plastic, about 2'x3' about 1/4'' thick. that i was going to use as a test piece. just because it was there, clean and flat. its in the 0x,0y corner. my origin is set as 0,0. hit setup, auto detect the height, I've tried setting the length at 0',3',8' and 999'. when i hit test print it cleans, and then the machine shows " end of the sheet " and that's it.

If i send a print file from versa-works it cleans, the machine shows canceling, and eventually shows "end of the sheet'' and an error comes up on the PC that says "timeout error Cause: media not installed."

I assume i am doing something wrong in the setup of the stock on the machine. I've watched every video i can find on you-tube, read and followed the manual multiple times. there is mention in the manual of media guides. it doesn't appear we got any with the machine. but in the videos on you-tube nobody mentions them, and i can't see them in any of the videos, so i am assuming they aren't required.

Any help anyone can provide is greatly appreciated. If i can't figure something out this week, the quote i got from Roland to come out and do a machine setup and training was $5000, but i guess if i can't print anything then its money well spent.

Joe House

Sign Equipment Technician
Even if you've run other Roland equipment, it's gonna be worth it to get trained on the FT specifically. The table controls are a lot different and flat bed printers in general have their own learning curve.


Since 2010
Having the same problem. I reset re-initialized all of the printer settings without realizing how much I'd be messing up and this is my latest error.

I found a note in setup that seemed promising but didn't fix this issue:
Change System Switch page 1 to accommodate the removal of the Feed Motor.
Service Menu -> System Switch -> Page 1 -> 00010000

Probably something simple. I'll report back when I figure it out.