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Help! Aftermarket laser guide or strip for panel saw?

Katrina Rose

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I could really use some help here..for 8 years I worked in signage, and my CO2 laser was my best friend. Recently however, I started working at a print shop. For cutting stacks they have large cutting machines that rely on measurements and square corners. But as far as finishing cuts, mostly for large format prints mounted on foam board and other materials, they have two vertical panel saws. Apparently the 10' SafetySpeed saw (ssc210 or ssc250 from what I can tell)
was a recent investment, but nobody uses it bc, unlike the smaller one, there is no plastic guide to show exactly where your cut is going. Most of the pieces being cut were mounted or laminated NOT at a perfect 90deg angle, so you have to use the crop marks, and line them up with the plastic guard top and bottom before locking in the material so you know you have a perfect finishing cut. This new machine came with a laser attachment that was supposed to be the better option to this guide. However, the laser ended up being a fuzzy blob approx 1/2" thick, and less than a foot long. Not precise enough in the least to get a finishing cut, and not long enough to extend the length of the material even if it were. I played with it a bit, and removing the ridged lens at least gave a pinpoint dot, but that's still not the laser line they need. The saw cuts beautifully, and really is a good piece of equipment for cutting measures pieces of squared material, but that's not what they/we need..does anybody have any experience in this particular model, or using a separately sold aftermarket piece to work around this issue? The company has not responded though I'm told that they've tried asking since they installed it, and I myself have tried as well.
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as I can see, think that have this model, but mine is Apollo 210. I bought it from www.trimalco.com. Laser is the same, and not so useful. I use two limiter on bottom ruller for precise cutting. But for exactly 90 degree cutting you need to check Apollo 210 for squarness. Here is the manual how to do this.


  • Apollo_Instructions.pdf
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Katrina Rose

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Pardon my ignorance, but two limiter? The bottom is currently squared so 90 cuts are fine I just need to be able to put a piece in there on an angle and still be able to cut an exact line where it is marked on the board, and there is no plastic edge or otherwise by the blade to show me I'm cutting in the right place