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HELP! Anyone been or is a customer of Visual Formix


New Member
I am not having much luck establishing a connection with Visual Formix www.visualformix.com . I sent them an email, but they replied later, but have not followed up my emails or returned phone call.

Are they still in business. They have an interesting Bordeaux Ink bagged system I am interested in. The 800 number doesn't work.



I was a customer of Visualformix when they sold HP ink. Thats was till they started shipping me cartridges that were expired right out of the box. They did refund me, but haven't been back since. Was a good deal while it lasted.


Rap Master
if their support sucks now when you're trying to give them money, I would not want to see what happens after they have your money. (if you have a problem)


New Member
Too bad because they are the only one that I know right now that carries the Bordeaux Bagged Bulk System for the JV33 SS21 Equivalent.