Help anyone ????


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Hi all
I purchased a 24 inch cutter several months ago. I was so busy with other work etc... I am just geting a chance to come back to learning how to operate it.

I have a problem :
A few months back , I set the machine up, got as far as using the pen to do test on paper to start learning the machine.
turned it off
I havent had it on for about 3 or 4 months

Today I turn it on , all I hear is a fan running and no menu screen
The company is closed this eve.

Can anyone tell me if I may be doing something wrong ?

This dosent make sense. it has set in the same spot for 4 months and no one has even touched it

if you have some help and have a phone number I am willing to call to get some help
Larry / cuz


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HELP from anyone

Hi all
Im kind of new here
A guy on here told me where to buy a Cutter in Florida

Can I get some help ?

A few months ago I got a 24 inch cutter brand new from a company in Florida

I got it set up and got as far as using the pen do some test runs on paper

I turned it off
due to a lot of work I never had the time to get back to it until this week

Now when I turn the machine on, all I get is a fan running and no menu screen

the Company is closed so I thought maybe someone here could give me some tips . Maybe Im doing something wrong

I can call and talk if you have a phone
thanks everyone
Im such a newbie at this machine



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Brand new
it worked fine a few months ago
all i did is turned it off
Then today turned it on
Fan runs but no menu


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I purchased a foison 24 inch cutter from accugraphics in Apopka Florida
Recommended by a person on this Forum
Company seems like a good company
I guss I will try tomorrow to reach them
Its just that this dosent make any sense
Run it about 10 or 15 minutes a few months ago
turned it off
Never moved it an inch
turn it on
I got a fan blowing and no Menu
ACould be a Fluke
I just hope I dont have to ship it back for repairs before I even cut a piece of vinyl with it


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Are you running it on an extension cord? Try plugging it directly in to outlet. Just a thought.


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I have a power supply bar
have to use it to get power to it

It has power because the fan is running when I turn it on

Could it be something to do with program ?

wouldnt the menu screen come on even if it wasnt hooked up to my computer ?
although it is still plugged in to the computer

Craig Sjoquist

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I can assure you ..Accugraphics is a very good company and will help you anyway possible... They always gone above and beyond for myself and many others... also a top notch service tech.

Try turn off machine and start over, I know mine I have turn off each time I change vinyl position.


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I didnt get a Foison Manual with this I got their Klik N kut manual
Not sure why but anyway
I plugged it in direct to wall , No change

Im not sure where the fuse is located and the top lid does lift up and I see a cable flat and wide computer cable looks like it goes into the menu dept.

Guess Ill have to call the Company in the morn

Oh well
Thats Life
Dag gone it again LOL

Murpys Law got me again


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People told me I should have purchased a graphtec or Roland
Didnt have the cash so I went with this Piece of _______

Probably one more mistake
We shall see


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My dad used to say this:
"If you spend your money buying good tools then you only cuss once when you write the check. If you buy cheap tools then you cuss every time you use it after that."

I have no idea if what you bought is a cheap cutter or not... but your post #13 made me think of that.


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No doubt Your correct
I like the best tools
They told me at accugraphics that this was a good machine
Sold me on saying it has a MICRO STEPPER MOTOR which is suppose to be better than the cheaper ones with just stepper motor

IT is Probably a fluke and I am quite sure they will help me out
Im not upset with the Company I think they are a good company

Its just aggravatind since im so far away and may have to pay to have a brand new machine shipped back that I havent even used for a half hour

I shuldnt have purchased it until I had a lot more dedicated time to get it going

I now have the time and thats when it Pukes on me

Live and learn some more I guess


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Follow Up
Thanks for all the suggestions every one

I spoke to Accugraphics today
I have to send it back to them to find out what is going on

Guess I wont be learning to cut any vinyl for about two weeks or so.

Maybe I can get this book read " Layout " etc.. by Mike Stevens

Found one at the Library

Have a great two weeks , At least it should be about Spring By then LOL