HELP!: Cannot Seem to Successfully Create Profile for Briteline Window Perf


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Cannot Seem to Successfully Create Profile for Briteline Window Perf. I run through the motions in Onyx and get stuck are reading the first swatch print in the beginning steps of the media print profile creation. When I do my passes with the i1PRO, no matter how fast or slow, the attempt is always wrong. In the same speed, back to back, Ive had a read of 3 actual swatches and 66 actual swatches - in a 17 swatch pass.

Its quite frustrating. Am I being thrown off because of the perforated holes in the film - or reflection off the sheen of the backing paper coming through the holes? Has anyone had any luck creating a profile for Briteline 50/50 window perf using Onxy10, i1Pro, for the HP25500?

Ive read alot of posts in other forums about people having issues with perf profiling and resulting to just using the provided one way view profile from the HP site. Am I in for longer headaches than creating a normal profile for say, a 3M IJ series calandered vinyl?

HELP! The worst part about this whole fiasco is I thought I successfully created one in the past for Briteline 65/35 but its no where on my production system. I literally was able to print our store front door and never seen it again.

Ive spent the last 1.5 hours attempting to read an 8 line swatch chart and only made it 3 lines in before the damn thing just froze up and i1Pro stopped communicating through USB.

Seeming like a multitude of problems.. its quitting time.. im rambling.. and Ive got many things to do.


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The EyeOne Spectrophotometer measures print swatches by reading the colorimetric and densitometric values off of the media. When reading a non-flat media such as window perf, the light source will scatter in various directions, resulting in mis-reads and errors. The bottom line is that you cannot profile window perf with an EyeOne device.

I would use a profile built for a similar calandered vinyl when printing onto perf media, as you really do not have any options unless you use a spherical spectrophotometer, such as a Barbieri (~$10,000).


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Thank you "Castek"

You were on my "to call" list for first thing this morning but after the reply and the email you sent to the boss, I understand that my theories were in part confirmed. I will use the HP One Way View profile as they are indeed similar to standards set for the media. I think my profiling's success on the perf before was in part due to it being a 65/35 instead of a 50/50, so my read passes were registering. But then again, I can't be sure of it except for the fact that there are different modes saved under that profile that have my labeling on them. Duplicates if you will.

Thank you again. I didn't want to call at end of day yesterday so I figured I'd put out a call to the wild and return fresh this morning to continue working through this.

Hope all is well!