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Help converting PLEASE....

Idea Design

New Member
Hi all -

Was wondering if someone could convert this file (which I believe was created in Corel Draw 12) to either .eps or .ai (ver10) for me?

I thought it was exported to .eps from the client (an airbrush artist) and now it's d-day and I can't even open the file.

Thanks if you can help me. Much appreciated.

I can't upload, as only rasters are accepted.

Sign One

New Member
Do you have Illustrator?

I have opened corel files with illustrator before, just right click on the file and say open with Illustrator, works for me, if you don't have Illustrator, you can email me the attachment an I will try it for you- signone@adelphia.net


New Member
Try importing it. You can import more stuff than you can open. I can't open anything PDF in Coreldraw, but I can always import the image. If not, send it to someone who has CorelDraw 12 and have them send it back to you in the proper format (sorry, I quit buying CorelDraw at 10, so I can't help you there).

Idea Design

New Member
Thanks All Who Helped...

I've been wanting to say this for quite a while now, just never have got around to it.

There are many members here, many of whom do not post a lot. We feel (in my opinion) that there is so much to read and learn about the business, that's it's better just to float around in the background until something comes up that we have expertise in and can throw our hat in the ring.

I don't post a lot because by the time I start to ask a question, someone else asks the exact thing I need, and it gets answered before I can post.

That's what Fred and the rest of you old timers have built here. A steady community full of people willing to take the time to help somebody, anybody for that matter, that may be in a dilema. Take this thread for example; there I was, almost 1:00 in the morning, s'pose to have cut this guy's logo in paint mask for him, and just now realize the file is cdr.

Not to worry, I said, I'll just jump on signs101, someone will give me a hand. I'm not kidding one bit, it was 9 minutes after I posted (remember it was 1:00 am) that I had sent the file, it had been converted, and I got it back and my cutter was busy cutting. Amazing.

To cut my ramblings short, you guys have one of the most amazing communities here, and I'm glad to be a part of it. Thanks to everyone who offered their help to me. Obviously it doesn't matter the time, day or night, someone's always willing to lend a helping hand. For that I am grateful.

Thanks again to everyone and signs101.com!