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Help Corel 12 quit working

Joseph Dunkle

New Member
Man have i had bad luck with PC's this week, first my laptop's power supply burned up and now my backup desktop's Corel Draw 12 quit working. I tried to uninstall and reintstall corel with no luck..

This is the problem I am having. When I open it it says "Valid workspace file not found at the path specified. XML document must have top level element."

The corel programs work though


New Member
it aint corel its youre computer.....might be a virus, might be a hard drive or m/b problem...check fans, make wure they all are working. if its XP take it back to a date before you had problem with the "system restore".


New Member
I used to have to delete all temp files. Corel is notorious for not removing them when it is finished with them. Do a search for *.tmp and delete what ever it shows.