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Help cutting Multi-Colors with LXI 6.6V1


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Kinda embarrased here, OK Here goes....

This is the 1st time I have tried to cut a multi-color logo or text, I have done something with White text then some blue text, but not something thats say White text with a Blue Shadow on a Black or whatever color substrate...

When I get it all designed and ready to cut, I hit the button that says ""Cut/Plot"" the window pops up that you change settings on how it cuts or whatever...

In the advanced tab there is a checkbox that says send all colors, if leave it checked it'll plot everything, if I uncheck it, there is a lil rectangle at the bottom that will turn to one of the colors in the design (lets say the Blue Shadow) and then I hit send to Plotter and it plots it the outline/shadow plus the registration marks... Great, Nows heres the problem, I can't figure out how to get it to print the white text that would go on top of the Blue shadow???

If I go click on that Blue rectangle, it does nothing? I thought maybe I had to toggle it to cut the white part of the design... I tried to go back to the design and highlight or select just the white text, but it won't, it highlights everything... How do I get it to cut the other color(s)

I have read the manual cover to cover a few times and there is nothing on it?

I'm sure this program can do it and I just don't know how...

P.S. Sorry, if my description of the problem did not make sense...


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I work with LXI as well, and what I do is create my graphic with outlines and shadows or whatever and then seperate each layer for cutting. You can select your graphic and hit the seperate tool. Then you can go into your design editor and select your objects in there by holding the "Ctrl" key and selecting with the mouse. I hope this helps you. If you need further details shoot me an e-mail at emmitt@ptd.net and I'll be happy to help you the best I can.


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you need to check two boxes inthe cut/plot advanced window, send all colors and pause between colors.