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Help Cutting Small Letters Flexi 7.5


New Member
Hello All,

I'm new to Flexi and usually cut large letter for banners with no problems but have been asked to cut some 5" x 5" decals with the lettering being .75" and smaller. The problem I'm having is with True Type Fonts it seems the start point and end point is leaving to much material making weeding difficult. I'm using a Vinyl Master xp380 and Flexisign 7.5 is there a setting in Flexi to have the plotter cut the letter completely out? I hope this makes sense I'm pretty new to vinyl cutting...lol.



New Member
There should be either in the driver options or on the plotter itself, aplace where you can change the blade offset. you have to find out what that is--either from where you buy your blades or in the manual from your plotter. My mimaki has a menu on it where you can change it incrementaly-some times with new blades it takes a little tweaking.

Kevin Huffman

New Member
Yes, the offset is what you are looking for.

You want to either control it by the cutter or the software.
If the cutter has the ability to set it there, I would do it there and turn the software off from controlling it. That way they don't get into a tug of war and mess up sometimes and not others.
If the cutter doesn't have the ability to set it on the cutter itself you will have to control it by the software.

In flexi it is on the Cut/Plot screen, on the advance tab. You click cutter driver options. Here is one place where you can control or turn it off.
The next is in the production manager, if you double click on the xp380 cutter and then click Job Default. Then go to your Cut tab. You will see another cutter driver options. You will need to change these settings everytime you change the other one, or do like I do turn them off and only change the settings on the advance tab.