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Help finding a replacement for Gerber Q2000 Matte White

Gaugeco Inc.

New Member
Recently Gerber discontinued the Quantum 2000 series and replaced it (without telling anyone) with a very crappy calendar vinyl. This stuff is horrible and would suggest to anyone to find an alternative if there is one. Here is a little info on what we need:

- We use Gerber Edge so material needs to be 15" punched.
- Needs to be a Matte White and the thicker the better. The original Q2000 was 3.6 MIL
- Needs to be a calendar vinyl since we like to keep cost down for customers.
- Needs to have adhesive that will still stick down good on semi-curved metal but when removed the adhesive will stay with the vinyl and not on substraight.
- Needs to be outdoor durable.


New Member
I have a EDGE ii and using the avery 750 since it's on the market. I did not tried the mat version, but I really like the print and the material seems more ''rigid'' than the ''older'' version.