Help! How to hem non-woven banner???


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I have tried all the hem tapes, and the TAKIT from Fellers works great for a while... then it just lets go. On the web there is some talk about iron-on hemming tape...

Does anyone know how I can make a small pole pocket in non-woven? Sewing would show and would also be a real pain. Also, grommets help, but in some cases I can't use them (delicate banners that hang on cafe rods).

I am on my way to pick up a banner now that just let go...

How can I fix it?

Help please.



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how long has it been up?

banners wear out, plain and simple -- just like flags do...

flags around here get replaced every 6 months. I have a customer who spec'd vertical banners as building signage but changed to illuminated sign cans after three years of replacing worn-out wind-ravaged banners every year.


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missing the point...

it has been up indoors over the weekend...

the hem tape does not stick well to the non-woven fabric, so it lets go.


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This is probably too late, but when I have to make a pole pocket in a vinyl banner, I design it with a fold-line at the top, then run the 2-sided banner tape up the sides, stopping about 3" away from the top, to allow the pole to slide in. With a 54" printer this kinda limits me to about 25-26 inches in one direction, but the banners are super strong. I have some 24" wide x 12' tall interior pole banners that look great after 3 years.


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nobody has any ideas?????

I have recently tried gorilla glue, which works if you weight it and let it sit overnight--- but leaves a stain on the face of the banner.

Remember people--- I am asking about non-woven fabric --- an inkjet media that is unique, and not vinyl banner.