Help, Ink removal from floor


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Hey all, I am working on turning an old "American Greetings" card shop into a youth center now. We have several areas on the floor that have a buildup of ink that is up to 1/2" thick and will not scrap up. One of the guys tried a concrete grinder last night but the ink just plugged up the pores in the sanding stones:banghead::banghead::banghead:.

My question is, what is the easiest way to remove this old caked on ink. Will a solvent work, if so...what?

Thanks for everyones help!

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Thinking about a grinder

I think I might try a 7" grinder with a wire cup brush, had to do that on some nasty floor adhesive left over from the 50's...worked good, just have this pesky cough for the past 10 years:rock-n-roll:


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Not sure what the chemical content in the inks that you are trying to remove from your floor, but I'm assuming that the ink was used on a printing press since it was a greeting card business?

I deal with printing inks, mostly just plastisol inks now which are used primarily in garment printing. However, I do use some commercial water base poster inks sometimes too, and I find those inks the most difficult to clean up out of all the inks that I commonly use.

I love this stuff for removing really stubborn inks:

It's worth a try anyhow, if you want to avoid all the usual solvents. I like to spray it on the ink that needs to be removed and let it sit and soak in a while. Works like magic. Good luck!