my head going bad ?


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Well the jv3 is starting to act up, i filled the light cyan and light magenta(right head) half full and the next day they were both empty.. uggghh.
has anyone had this problem and whats the fix..
any help would be appreciated.



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what do you mean you filled them half full? did you do a cap soak? do you have a bulk ink system and it drained your reservoirs?

maybe its me, but what you said isn't 100% clear.


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Heres what i mean

I did a head soak, nozzle wash everything possible, i filled the ink cartridges half full, its a mod that allows you to use the same style slide in cartridges..
anyways the printer has worked fine but now i noticed that the 2 light cyan and light magenta cartridges have completly emptied overnight, is the head the culprit or could it be the capping station-i installed new caps a few weeks ago... dont see how this would cause this to drain the ink out.

thanks everyone for your help...


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Make sure your capping station is set for the right height. Sounds like when the print carriage comes to the home postion that caps are creating a "wick" for the ink. Adjust your cap station down. I have set to high and came back the next day to a floor of ink.

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I would assume that the pumps are possibly going bad. If you fill the capping station while doing a disway wash does the cleaner drain out while the pumps are not pumping? If so then your pump is bad on whatever cap is draining without the pump turning...