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HELP! Mimaki CJV150-130 Cutting


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Hi everyone, I hope someone can point me in the right direction.

I have never been able to get my mimaki to cut accurately. its always off and never in the same spot twice when just repeating the job using the same registration marks.
The media doesn't matter, calibrations don't work consistently. I managed to get it to cut once and a while but then the next job will be out to lunch. This has been going on since new (3 years) I've spent a couple thousand in service calls with the mimaki technician and it still will not work properly.

Right now im trying to cut RTape reflective media and its the same crap im going through with white media. Ive been at this about 10 hours today and seem to be going nowhere. Ive attached some images from today, hopefully someone can make sense of this all. so far I've tried calibrations, PR pressure, cut pressure changes, resetting the media all with no success.

Please help :(

IMG_3045 3.JPG


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WOW. that is miles off! I was never satisfied with my cjv30 cutting accuracy but it was way better than that!

If a tech came out and couldn't fix that accuracy I wouldn't pay them a damn cent...…….


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I have ran the cut alignment several times. Ill get it to where its perfect and then it wont cut. I spent about 20 hours straight and I can get it perfect on 1 media type but then not on another. so theres something wrong with it for sure. I didn't pay the last bill they sent me for almost 600. But now they're threatening collections so ill have to pay if I like my credit rating.


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You probably won't get a perfect consistent cut on that shiny mosaic vinyl. The sensor that reads the crop marks is an optical sensor so any abnormality in the light bouncing back will throw it off. If the problem still happens on white vinyl, then there is probably an issue. Have you tried just printing and cutting without crop marks?


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As long as he has the white tape in the crop mark area it should cut fine. That's what I did with non white films .

That said if your not laminating the prints I would not use crop marks and just rip it and select "cut after print" in rasterlink.

Make sure you set both your outside pinch rollers to high for cutting and don't do more than 24" in the feed length. I would do 1000 stickers/labels this way. Duplicate the job and have as many sets as you need to fulfill the order. Set it up to cut media after print and it will print then cut then cut the 24" sheet and drop it on the ground. I could leave mine unattended for hours like this.

Also stay away from tight borders or outlines as they will show even the slightest inaccuracy. The cut will never be 100% perfect.

Ps they can't mess your credit all they can do is take you to small claims court....


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Thanks guys. I figured a work around for the mosaic vinyl, its very tedious but seemed to work. I printed the job twice, one on white first then the mosaic. I added registration "Boxes" to the print that I just out of the white as a template and cut the graphic area out of the white. I placed the white over top of the mosaic for the mark to read properly. seemed to work.

I didn't know that about the claims court tho. I shouldn't have paid the amount I already have :(