Need Help Help needed for A Gerber 408 run with Artpath


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Hi, totally new here so please understand if not all terminology is correct

We have a Gerber 408 Saber run with Artpath 32 a very old version 2,1,0,31, but it does what we need apart from the issue below

It all works ok, but when we cut the centers out of text it cuts the center over to the right and too low
on a letter of approx 200mm high the center cuts about 4mm to the right and about 3-4 mm to low

We use the male path to cut the outside of the letter, this works ok, we then use the female path to cut the center of the 0 out and it cuts it off to the right, I have checked the things like the tool being set at the correct size and the settings in both Female and Male paths are the same

I cannot find anywhere that a offset can be changed in the Artpath , and the only way thing I can see that changes this if the tool selection, I have tried with a simple 6mm shank and 6mm tool in both paths and no change

Anyone with help on this would be great