Need Help help on a mutoh 1204 ? my mutoh 1204 has a life times (head) & life times (PF motor)


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Reset the timers. Lower head height, power off. Hold the top, right, and bottom arrows on the key pad and power up the machine, release the buttons after you hear the beeps. I can't recall exactly where they are, but the menu you are looking for is somewhere along the lines of Init>Counter, then you should see Head & PF Motor, select initialize on both. Restart the machine and the errors should be gone.


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Agree with above. Just a note, make sure not to initialize the NVRAM. People tend to want to reset everything in that menu once they see it the first time. Resetting NVRAM basically clears everything out and that is a headache to fix if you don't have you parameters downloaded already.


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Actually there are three menus. The Main menu when you start normally and then there is a Diagnostics menu and a Maintenance menu.