Help on deciding which equipment?????


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I've been working with a SP300 for 5 years now doing vehicle graphics, banners, heat transfer etc. I don't do much print due to the slow speed of printing which always seems to get in the way of another cut job.... I am ready to move to newer faster equipment. I have 25 to 30k cash to spend and want some help deciding on what to do. I would like to get into wraps and would like equipment to allow me to do so. What I am looking at now is the Versacamm vs640 with a laminator, or possibly a muthoh value jet 1304, with a graphtec fc 8000 and laminator. What are the pros and cons related to all in one and multiple pieces of equipment related to vehicle wraps? What do you wrap pros recommend? We do a lot of banners and I would love to be able to print these at a decent speed. I will be keeping my sp 300 as well. Any help is greatly appreciated, this is a big important investment to me and I need some guidance that will make me confident in my decision! :thankyou:


Me personally i would love to get the new versacam vs640 which you can print metallics, print 5 foot banners, cut from the same machine so you are saving space, on the other hand if you plan to laminate lots of stuff you have to take the graphics out then put it back to be cut so this way you can get the mutoh and the graphtec which is another good deal where you can print and cut at the same time . It is tough choice to make but if i were to spend that kind of money i would go with the versacamm vs640


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I recommend to go with the versacamm. Don't ask me why. Plus it's a product your familiar with unless your sp300 gave you any serious problems. Believe me the other one is tempting but for the long haul I wouldn't give my roland up. Well I did give up my sp300 in exchange for a laminator. At the new speed you'll be printing the sp300 will look like slow motion. Good luck hope this helps.:thumb:


I would suggest a HPL25500 with the FC8000-160

I would contact BigFishDM he is on this forum. He has great deals on this printer along with media for it.