Help please!!1


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here's my set up. printer surecolor s40600
Onyx Rip
cutter Summa d75
here's my problem, im printing on the epson and trying to contour cut on the summa.

i printed some sample decals with contour cutting on flexi and with a summa barcode.
when i place the printed image on the cutter i get the message to set tool under barcode, which i do.
the head moves left and right trying to read the barcode,
but them i get a message that reads " unable to sense opos barcode"

also, when using onyx serve-cut, when i send the file to the plotter serve-cut crashes and i have to restart it again. is this normal



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Don't run both production manager and cut server at the same time. That might be reason for your crashing.

Is production manager saying at the bottom "Barcode server running"?

Why do you use both onyx and flexi?


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What end of the barcode are you putting in? We had to get a patch from onyx once because our summa did NOT like the 6 end, but cut the 9 code fine.


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starting at the right side, i've tried the first line and middle lines and summa is not able to read them.


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If it is a new setup, the dealer you bought the printer from should have set it up to contour cut prints.
But in case you are running an older version of flexi that doesn't support the printer:
We am running flexi 10 with the same printer. Both the printer and cutter are set up on the same computer.
Since the version of flexi we are using doesn't have the drivers for the newer printer, we design in flexi with the contours not using the barcode function but the registration marks that are spaced on both sides of the print . Then exporting the file to a pdf and then importing the pdf print file into onyx rip-que and processing the file both printing and cutting from there.
I do no think you can send a flexi file to onyx and expect it to work.