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Hey guys, and gals,

I am looking for a printable frosted vinyl. I know there is the cut film but here is what I am trying to do.

Customer is turning an old airstream into a food trailer. They want the windows "blocked out" but something a little classier than just white vinyl with their info on it. I was thinking of doing the frosted vinyl and then just apply the info over top but that would significantly raise the cost. They want a longer lasting product than window perf otherwise I would go that route. They are also looking for some light to shine through.

another option I thought about was window tint and then just cut graphics.

Anyone have any suggestions on frosted or even maybe another idea that would still look nicer than regular white vinyl?

Any help or ideas appreciated.


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If you're wrangling a solvent or eco-solvent printer you can pretty much print on most any flavor of vinyl. I've printied on all manner of vinyl, including etched and/or frosted, which are pretty much the same thing. Beware that you'll get sa color shift when printing non-white media since your white point is the media.


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We recently printed Concept 790AE LT etch with white ink for office dividers for the local university.
The results were excellent and we have since done something similar on a few more jobs.


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I use Hexis and it's also bubble-free so you can apply it dry. Great film, never had comebacks. Prints fine on my Roland.

Clive Turner

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Intercoat 1693D17P3 fully printable bubble free air-escape frosted Etch like the Aslan DFL300 but not that price. We sell loads in the UK and most customers love this product.


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We use MacTac B-Free perf mostly now, and it prints great. I would recommend laminating it with a matte laminate if you print it and it is going on a trailer. Since you're in Ohio, call Trigon Imaging and see what all they have/recommend.