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help please


New Member
I can't understand how to keep my text proportionate with out stretching it. I used the design central in flexi 7 but it still with the size I need gets unproporitonized. Does anyone know a trick I am missing for this. please reply soon.

dennis j

New Member
In Design Central select the text tab I think it has a capital A on it this will give you the text options or you can click on one of the small squares in one of the corners and drag to a proportional size. Going by memory not in front of Flexi right now.


New Member
same as corel, you grab the outside corner little black square, it will chnge cursor to a diagnole arrow....hold down mouse button and pull....it will go both up and out....


New Member
Or you can use the percantage box and type the same % for width and height. If you want t bigger use over 100%, smaller is obviousely under 100%.


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still need help

But I actually need it longer 43" wide by 6.5" tall and when you stretch it by the corner it will be to tall I need it to be longer but not stretch the letters out of shape. I put the the height and width in and it does not keep the font the same it stretches it.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
If you're not willing to allow a disproportional change to the letters then your only other option is to loosen the spacing. The control for that is in Design Central.


New Member
its not like in corel or illustrator (sorry OP). Just grabbing the corner and stretching it will strech it proportionatly, hold the shift key if you want to stretch it unproportionatly (the oposite of corel or illustrator).

In the Design central menu (in Flexi) you can also enter manually the size you want. Check or Uncheck the proportional option in it according to what you want to do.


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sometimes i use a trick... i just duplicate the words and then bring the duplicate over the original but keeping a little bit far (as much as i need to strech) then i weld both the original and the duplicate, do some fixing on the points and then stretch it to the size i need..
hope it can help
otherwise send me the words and i will send it back to you with step by step

and then send me ten cents for my help