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HELP PLZ! I know...i'm always last minute!


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My apologies, i know i'm always a last minute person, but most times it's cause i give in to these last minute jobs!!

Signlab is my program of choice..however...what i want to do is change the size of the roll. I think right now it's set to about 72" or something like that, but i want to set it to over 8' so that i can cut an 8' decal. WHere do i go to change this.

Also...my plotter is a 36" and i never used to have trouble cutting a 35" decal but lately it cuts off the last inch or, and i dont know why? :( I'm wondering if i changed this setting without knowing, or is my plotter that desperate for a tune-up! Thx!

Just wanted to add..I think i found where it says "media length" which i'm assuming is the size of the roll. It seems to be set at 838" X 36" therefore, if that's the case and that's the right spot then i shouldnt have trouble cutting 8' right??? I'm scared to do a trial because i dont think i want to waste 8' of material and i dont know if it was already set like that before when i've tried cutting stuff that quit at 6'....Ah well...only one way to find out ...right?
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Hi Mander, not much help, but my limits seem to be set in length according to the machines limits. Mine is at 999. I remember ioline had a control panel or something similar also.

While in signlab, I can access the cut/plot/device(upper left of page, click box next to your device name)/ page size. Page size tells me what my current settings are, width and length.



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I'm not a computer running Signlab right now but from memory you need to go into your "plotting defaults" and set your max plotting defaults (can't remember the exact name) to 36"w x whatever you want. I personally use 50 yard rolls so I set it to 150' or 1,800". That way you can cut whatever length you want whenever you want.