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Help Setting Production Manager 4.2 sp2


New Member
Hi guys!! thanks in advance...:cool: this is my little question...
I get a Kodak 1200i, Photoprint 4.0, the media is Kodak too (Revprint backlite film 6mil) quantum inks, my files are always .tiff and .eps, but I can reach a vivid color in all cases, I´m doing lots of print test without a good result, in production manager my setting is:
icc input cmyk: default cmyk
rgb: Itu-r bt.709 d65 gamma 2.2 (srgb)
gray: High end swop

Ink limits in: 70, 60, 70, 60%
Ink limits out: 70, 70, 70, 60%

There is any tutorial(s) to reach a good color with this kind of media using production manager??????
thanks for helping me with some directions,



New Member
Hi everybody!
I have a Kodak 1200i, Photoprint 4.0, but I only use "Production Manager" the media is Kodak - Revprint backlite film 6mil, my files are ".tiff and .eps", but I can´t reach any vivid color, I´m doing lots of print test without any good result, is there any tutorial(s) online to help me with the color correction?? (Perceptual, Saturation, Relative C., etc, etc).