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Help w/ Mounting Acrylic Vinyl Back to Signabond without ghosting (adhesive showing)


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Hi. Looking for suggestions for mounting polished acrylic with a vinyl back to signabond.
We have tried 3 different versions.

Version 1 using locktite adhesive behind the vinyl and applied directly to the signabond.
Over time this pulled the vinyl to reveal adhesive location.

Version 2 using double sided tape on the back side of the vinyl and applied directly to the sigabond.
Over time we experienced the same issue of the adhesive pulling the vinyl.


Version 3 we placed the vinyl layer to the acrylic, another black vinyl layer to the back and double sided tape to the back of the black vinyl and applied directly to the signabond. Once again over time the adhesive begins to pull the vinyl and shows through on the front. Anyone have suggestions of applying without showing adhesive?



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Only way we achieved what you are wanting is silver polyester / mylar film ( mirror / chrome vinyl ) over the back of the vinyl...


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Haven't read all of the comments but the easiest way is to just paint the backs.


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Normally the process would have been to use polyester film, optically clear adhesive and run the whole thing through the laminator. Vinyl is not perfectly flat and not dimensionally stable.