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help with a font...


New Member
im having probs locating this one. notice the "&" symbol.

i have the turning leaf in outlines and the vase already via the customer, and not sure if they are the same font as the text underneath, but since its outlines, i have no way of checking.

anyone have any suggestions?


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Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
I don't have time to manually compare right now but it would appear to me to be one of many foundries versions of Garamond Italic or Garamond Light Italic. Definitely not the same as the top font.

Garamond is available from virtually every major type foundry and each has their own version, not identical to anybody else's.


New Member
Those d*!n ampersands! When in a pinch and the font does not kick up the matching ampersand, I rub/trace it, re-draw, scan / clean and vectorize it. Charge for it! Customers appreciate perfection especially in their image. Anthing to prevent them from going back to the original source. Hey, I gotta eat here!

Never had a complaint yet! It does take time and that is MY complaint...but whadayagonnado? Do good, get more customers.