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I did a search & found this thread:
I don't know if this is the same question I have or not.

When using the bezier path tool, after you make a curve, how do you re-set it so the next curve you make won't be based on the previous one?

does that make sense?

the X's represent each point (mouse click). notice the path on the right, I have made 4 points instead of 3, this was to make a short straight line so the curve is re-set. this is the only way I can make it work, but I think there is a better way?


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When I use the bezier tool, I usually click various key points (keeping to lines not curves) then go back and curve/straight depending on what is needed...hope that helps

Fred Weiss

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You really don't need that fourth point and the straight line there represents a deviation from accuracy ... however slight.

Where you need to start at is a full understanding of the nature of contents of your "toolbox" which is all displayed and clickable in Flexi's Design Central when the node edit tool is selected.

There are only two kinds of segments: Lines and curves.

There are only three kinds of nodes: Cusp, smooth and symmetrical.

In the case of your question, my approach would be to select the corner node and click on the Cusp button in Design Central. You can then pull out the control handle and adjust its length and angle to have a nice fitting curved segment. You can also use the shift key as a shortcut to change from cusp to smooth or the control key for back again to cusp.

Holding down the Shift key will also allow you to drag a curve segment without disturbing the angle of the handles on each end.


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Thank you Fred. You have revealed my lack of experience with the bezier tool. There is a lot more to it than I ever use. I guess this is my way of saying, you lost me.

I rarely use the tool & I guess thats why I haven't learned the nature of contents of the toolbox. I played around with it a bit using your advice, it's just gonna take time.

Steve Rife

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There isn't a tutorial on these functions that I am aware. The closest would be Flexi's help file which will describe the differences between Symmetric, Smooth, and Cusp control points.