help with CE500-60 (cutting quality)


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:frustrated:I have a graphtec CE500-60 that I purchased used (actually more used when I got it than what I was expecting, but that is a different story) I have "self taught" myself through making test cuts, etc. and NO MATTER what adjustments I make to the main settings i.e offset, force, speed, etc. I am not getting satisfactory cuts. I started my test cuts on 3 mil calendared vinyl (i don't know if this makes a difference) and have moved on to paper because I CANNOT cut completely through the vinyl regardless of the setting.
I end up either with so much force I am ripping through the backing, etc. or not enough to even score all the way through the vinyl.
are there any pointers, settings, etc. that may exist that I don't know about? If anyone has experience with this cutter and has a tip I will GREATLY appreciate any help you may have....
Thanks from a newbie :)
( I should add that i have new blades in the mail, and that I have messed with the blade depth on the blade holder but it doesn't matter how long the blade is if it doesn't have enough force to cut the media....I think it is going to be a manual setting/something with the cutter itself to fix the situation, but again, any ideas????)
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is there anyone out there with a CE5000 that is willing to talk me through a few adjustments? I am new to this cutter and graphtec's support makes you leave a message for tech help????
I have a few questions that I am hoping someone out there with some experience will help me w/them via phone....
thanks, and much appreciation. :) Ashley


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Graphtec CE-5000

You might go to
and download the PDF user manual. I believe it has info on all the adjustments.
You can call me and I'll try to help I just bought my ce=5000.
Also I can scan my paperwork that shows how to adjust the plotter when test cuts are not clean and email those to you.
Kirk @ 817-795-7446
Hope you did not buy blades on Ebay the cheep knock-offs are no good.
You need to buy blades from Ross at "Clean Cut Blades" online. They are as good if not better than graphtec's and half the price. Search signs 101 for "clean cut blades" and see what the guys & gals are saying about them 8).
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