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Help with Choosing a Cutter


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Hi All:
I am new to this whole business and need some advice on what cutter people think is best. So far in contention are:
Summa Cut D-60
Q-E 60

They are all 24" cutters and what I really need it for is numbers and letters for the outside of trucks.

Does anyone have any advice for me? Thanks!



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Stick with the name brands Summa, Roland, Graphtec, Ioline etc. The Q is probably not bad for the price. However, its the customer service, tech support AFTER the sale that adds a lot of value to your investment. I say buy from a reputable company as well. Where the Q can be bought from my experience is not.


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The QE Series cutters are Graphtec cutters just branded. The down side of the QE is Graphtec will not give tech support on them only Sign warehouse. The other down side is the optical eye to cut printed graphics. It cost around $300 for the eye and only the techs at sign warehouse can install it. So if you don't get it when you buy it you have to ship it back for the upgrade. If I was you look into the Graphtec CE series cutters, that is what the QE is based off of. But do not buy a cheap china made cutter, you will only have problems down the road.



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I cannot speak off the duracut and the Q,
however I have a summa s75 and I just love it, the people at summa will stand behind it, mine came with life time support free, even if its sold to someone else, the tech support is great, I also have a roland versacamm printer with a built in cutter and that also works great, and the tech support on that was also great, which ever you buy stay away from the cheap chinese stuff, if you look through the posts you will see that they cause a heated discussion most of the time,
lot of the people here have graphtec and they seem to have a real good review also, goodluck //chopper


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I have allways used graptec and have a 40" and a twenty four. I had a 40" for about eight years and the motor drive went out was going to cost around 1600 bucks to fix with freight both ways tell you what they did they sent me a new 40" for $2500 40" I paid over $7000 for the old one eight years ago they may be cheaper now but what a deal and I use it every day. Great machine.436HENRY Henry Goines