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Help with Dr. Stika Files


New Member
ok guys last year i had a 15inch Stika from Roland and used that Dr stika software and i have allot of files .

Has anyone got this software that i could send some files to export for me or anyone want to sell a copy cheap if your not using it anymore.

I have files i need to get to and can't for a job coming up

I have switched computers and sold the Stika.
My Fault of course

Can someone help Me PLEASE
the Extensions are .stx


Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
The DR Stika software is available at Roland's website for free download. You must first install version 1.8 and then update it to version 2.2. I've never used it but I strongly doubt that it offers any ability to export any of the more commonly used vector formats.

If this is the case, your next step would be to contact a Roland dealer or Roland tech support to find out what options you have available to read these files and resave them into something more useable. I just checked my current version of FlexiSign (7.5.5) and it does not support the STX format.

Hope this helps.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
I've downloaded the DR Stika software and installed it. It does not provide for exporting into any universal vector format. What it does do is allow you to copy it to the clipboard.

Once on the clipboard, I was able to paste it into Adobe Illustrator as well as into FlexiSign. CorelDraw 8, however, allowed the paste but the result was unusable.

That's the good news. The bad news is that the file comes out as linear data .... which is to say all straight lines. No arcs and no curves. This, of course, makes for really bad looking cut vinyl as you enlarge from the original size.

Best option, IMHO, would be to contact Roland to see if there are any acceptable alternatives to this.

This is a circle made in Dr Stika and pasted into Illustrator showing the nodes.


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Scott Reynolds

New Member
Freds the man!

I spent about 15 min on the .stx problem for Paul and gave up. Fred goes the extra mile for his friends here, thats nice to know.

:U Rock:


New Member
Signmate for Stika

I tried to look for you too, but all I could figure out was that the Signmate program for the Stika can export to EPS and AI etc.

Perhaps someone has that program, and can help you out.


New Member
Fred thanks a million

i can copy and paste into Flexi and it works but like you say not the best lines at all

Thanks for the effort i am contacing roland
Again thanks for everything and you other guys to